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You are all on notice.

04.20.08 | 24 Comments

MMO Developers.

You are officially all on notice.

Everyone except Blizzard…

They don’t count because they’re off in some magical alternate universe where nobody ever goes hungry and the king of the Mushroom people writes all of your design documents and you get to ride a giant squid to work.

Oh yeah.. Raph isn’t included either. He’s pushing the envelope in a different way, so he gets a free pass.

But the rest of you.

Every last one of you.





Yes, even you POTBS.

And you LOTRO.

Every last one of you motherfuckers is in big big trouble.

You see, I came to a realization that in the past 2 years since I left SOE, none of you motherfuckers have done anything different.




Every game, Beta, Alpha, Preview and whatever for these new releases and upcoming games is almost identical to every other fucking game before it.

The conversations are the same, the arguments are the same, the systems are the same, hell.. Even the graphics are the same (HELLO BLOCKY FANTASY CHARACTERS!).

What the fuck people? You’ve had plenty of time to impress us. You’ve got the technology, you have the know-how..

Why the same shit different day syndrome?

Yes, I know it’s hard. Yes, it’s difficult to design, yes, it’s also expensive.

But for fucks sake people.

You’re not even trying. Your development process and designs are insular. MMO’s today are the equivalent of Asian styled game designs.

Stagnant, insular, nichey and fucking weird. You cater to the edges of society and playstyles.

You focus on the dregs when you can be reinventing the actual state of play.

Social dynamics when combined with cutting edge AAA gameplay will elevate simple play to a level never reached in game development.

Leverage the console streamlining for gameplay, combine it with the social dynamics knowhow pushed by Raph and Co, and BAM.

You can make something far greater than the sum of it’s parts.

But Noooooo…

You’re content not even trying. You spend AAA game money on niche products. The 30 million dollar game for weirdos.

Long-tail shit is fine, but don’t spend 30 mil. Spend 5. Spend 2. Spend 30 on the real deal, spend 50 on the real deal.

So. You’ve all been warned. I want some better fucking games out of you people. Quit dicking around in the past and get to work.

I don’t want to have to come back there. I’ve got too much other shit to work on here.

If anything, give Freeman and Crew some cash so they can kick some life into this stupid market.

Oh yeah, addendum.

If you continue to refuse to acknowledge consoles as the de-facto standard for AAA gaming, you will go out of business.

Quit making PC games. It’s a waste of time and money.

Second Addendum : Also, I know APB is pushing the envelope but until I can play it, I don’t believe they can do it the way they are doing it.


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« Greatest book cover of all time
» This is why we can’t have nice things.